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pixels for health objectives for 2021

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Pixels for health as an organisation has high hopes and projects for 2021 and many years to come. We are targeting high objectives for 2021 to initiate this major project and huge paradigm shift in the world.

As you know, our aim is to fund and finance free holistic treatments, or alternative medicine treatments for those who can’t afford them, in as many countries of the world as possible, based on local legislation of those practices in each country.

Types of treatments, but non exhaustive could be energy healing of all type, Prana healing, reiki, quantum touch, hypnotherapy, Aura Cleansing, Reflexology, naturopathy, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, chamanic healing, ayurveda, past lives regression, juicing, WimHof method, cryotherapy, and many more.

With your help, we aim to close our fundraising campaign by December 2021 latest, with an estimated scheduled target of September 2021.

By september 2021

Our objectives are :

  • Achieve the funding of our TWO 4K pages of Pixels for Health
  • Involve 30 Million people in the project. Each one receiving our newsletters
  • Grow our Social Media platforms over Instagram & Facebook to peak audience
  • Build a network of 1’000 to 2000 recognised Healers and practitioners worldwide
  • Actively Involve 500 to 1000 companies in the project

By December 2021 – January 2022

Our objectives are :

  • Develop Scientific data-driven research related to holistic practices worldwide
  • Provide healing throughout the world with the network of therapists
  • Reach out to Foundations, corporations, associations taking care of those in need to provide the help and services of the healers from our network
  • Give access to healing sessions, and therapy to those in need worldwide

The paradigm is shifting, and we know we can reach these figures with your help, and with your assistance even faster. The sooner we complete our pixel pages and clear our perks, the sooner we can start providing healing to those who need it.

In order to achieve our First Objectives, here is how you can help us:

  • Blog about pixels for health & spread the word with our Press Releases from our Media Kit
  • Create Posts & Stories about Pixels For Health & share the story on your social media
  • Register to receive the Newsletter and information on our projects and Achievements
  • Talk about us to your boss, friend, lover, colleague, neighbour, and people around the world
  • If you’re a magazine, a high volume YT Channel, a blog, a TV channel, get in touch with us
  • Grab a few Pixels
  • Purchase a Perk
  • Make a recurrent donation
  • Spread the word & ask a large variety of healers & therapists to get in touch with us
  • Spread the word around hospitals, medical centres and where help could be provided

what Pixels for health is not:

  • We are not Against modern medicine
  • We don’t Compete against each other, we work together with people in need
  • We do not aim to fund & finance modern medicine treatments
  • Our research will not be biased by the level of donation received by specific donors
  • We don’t do magic, for this see with the Potter or Winx Team
  • We don’t promise people will heal, as doctors can’t promise people will heal either
  • Pixels for health is not the employer of the healers, therapists & practitioners.
  • Each healer, practitioner and therapist within the network is a sole independent or business owner, officially registered in their country. Pixels for health is solely a connection platform between those who need healing and the healers, and a fund to allow people in need of healing to receive free treatment.

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