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pixels for health


You wish to get involved in Pixels For Health, help out, help spread the word, or take part in another way ?

We’re always happy to hear from you, make new connections, network, and develop contacts worldwide.

If you’re a therapist or healer, give us a shout too, and if you’re a company wanting to create a new momentum and bring awareness to our activity, we’d love to discuss collaborative work together.

Basically, we enjoy human connections and we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re in need of healing, we have a specific page for this and we’d recommend you use it, to ensure we can direct you to the right people, in the right place and ensure you get the best service from our healers.

contact us



You have a large audience following you on your social media accounts and would like to help us out by spreading awareness or helping us reach our target by talking about us on your channel ?

We’d love to discuss how this can take place.

You’ll understand that we are aiming for all the finances to go to those in need, so our return won’t be financial, but i’m sure we can find a way to make it up to you.

Meanwhile join @pixelsForHealth on instagram and Facebook


We are looking for therapists, alternative medicine practitioners and holistic healers worldwide.

We also need researchers with scientific backgrounds who master research in double blind and other scientific methods to assist us in building a large data-driven base of information.

If you’re within those fields of work, and would like to help out, please sure drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.


You decided to come along as a pixel funder or perk purchaser to make this project come to life ?

We’ll be adding a database with all the donors soon, but if you have any question before dropping a donation, we’d love to hear from you.

And if you have ideas on how or who to reach out to, in order for us to reach target faster, better, stronger… we enjoy listening and we’ll discuss between us to see if that goes the route we’re heading towards


If you’re in need of our support, and you’re stuck with an issue, critical, and can’t afford holistic healthcare, you’re in the right place.

Once the project is up and running (meaning we’ve reached our target point), you will be able to gain access to our list of therapists, healers or practitioners and get in touch with them directly.

Each therapist is an independent practitioner who has decided to take part in our project, and therefore will be supported by the foundation, to allow him to provide you with free access to treatment.

What we ask from you, is that when you get better, and return to a state of well-being and your resources are back to a level allowing you to sustain yourself, you get a pixel in a way to pay it forward for someone else who might need our help in the future too.


After loosing my wife, and most of my family to cancer and terminal diseases, including many friends, the adventure of Pixels for Health took place, first in my mind, then on paper, and finally it followed with in-depth work with a team of 2 more people,

Being part of the wealthy 5% of this world, with a roof over my head, food every day, and access to tap water, it was an obvious move to me that change had to come from within.

When pixels for health started, I knew this foundation would change the world and create a spark. I felt like it was going to be big, and was going to be led to help bring faith, hope and self-healing to many around the world, from all cultures.

It has become unacceptable to me and members of pixelsForHealth that, in years of consent and changing paradigm, we could still have people die from terminal illness and cancer, and moreover, for most of them, because they could not afford access to therapy, healing, and all the medicine they could believe in, for a question of financial means.

in 2021, as a human, part of a whole consciousness, and in a process of evolution, this has to change, and Pixels for Health is here to bring this change to the world with your support, and you being part of the whole story.

OUR objective


Worldwide access to holistic healing, alternative therapies and highly skilled professional healers, on the widest spread of various techniques available.

Well-Being and Health are not an option anymore, they can become the norm.


Some of us were not born with access to services, others lost access somewhere down the line, and everyone should be granted health services when in need.


Multilingual healers, therapists, all certified, registered, performing what they are best at, to help you, or anyone in the world, recover your health and regain self-healing within your physical and energetic bodies.


We are also growing our network of scientific researchers and medical researchers to build a very analytic, data-driven, panel of scientific proofs that these techniques can deliver highly positive results for people who are sick.


Today, people are dying from ill-health and dis-ease, from poor food intake, or emotional, physical, energy blockages and many more problems.

Yes it’s ok to die, it’s what we are all going to do one day, but from birth to death, the path can be healthy, joyful and lead to unique creation.

We want this to take place, and we believe it’s possible, together, united, focused, and flowing, with your help.




Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good. We believe in human kind, and kind leads to kindness, unity, and unconditional love.

You know of someone who knows someone, who could share our story? You can help.


It takes one pixel at a time to generate change. By purchasing one or multiple pixels, you enter the “pay it forward” movement of pixels for Health, and create a shift in the paradigm.

You are a global corporation, an influencer, a celebrity, or a public figure, and want to make a difference? Here is your chance.


If you are an energy healer, holistic therapist, hypnotist, shaman, or alternative medicine practitioner, You could be part of this program and be part of the change in the world.

It has never been more accessible, possible, or real. Today, you, us, me, they… make a change, a powerful quantic disruption.

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We are a privately funded corporation, 100% funded by personal, corporate and private financing from people who believe we can offer a new paradigm in holistic and alternative healthCare on a worldwide scale.

Based in Switzerland, we are a public utility corporation, meaning that we generate and use funds for the purpose of helping with issues that are of concern of a large part of the population.

Our fixed and internal committee is composed of 3 people, managing the organisation, the accounting and managing the relationships with both donors, researchers and healers or practitioners.

As a joke, someone once told me that if you think you need to be big to be noticed & create a change, remember that it takes a mosquito in a room to change the whole paradigm of the night you’re going to pass there.

Now, imagine the exponential strength positive energy and this project can bring to the world, , considering positive energy can flow faster than negative.

At Pixels for health, we value interconnections, creating added value in this world by considering that one Plus one equals three, four, or five… or even more.

We are a small, very mobile and very rapidly moving team, and wish to stay this way, in order to be reactive to change, situations, and offering a maximum of flexibility in a constantly changing environment.

Our aim is that the funds go to those who need them, this is why we are not attempting to grow as a very large team, just what is needed, and we believe this is a great number.

We took the decision to go another route than a Crowdfunding through the usual platforms such as kickstarter, Indiegogo because we want those 10% of funds to go to those in need. We understand that these platforms can help promote for sure, but what’s for the people needs to go to them and not for private companies commission when it comes to public health.

OUR TARGET IS AS HIGH AS THE level OF SUPPORT PEOPLE NEEd. meaning it’s massive & you’re part of it!





Stay up to date PIXELS FOR HEALTH charity, our news, latest trends, stories of philanthropy, and learn how we are changing the landscape of worldwide alternative and holistic healing.