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pixels for health


You have a Question ?

You would like to get involved & Help PIXELS FOR HEALTH

We’re always happy to hear from you, make new connections, network & develop contacts worldwide.

We are looking for Donors, Healers, a Social Media manager and a few other profiles.

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PFH Donors

You decided to come along as a pixel for Health Donor, funder or perk purchaser to make this project come to life ?

We Want you to know that we couldn’t do this without you, and nothing like this has ever been attempted before.

So as well as a donor, you’re also taking part in being a pioneer, allowing people in need to get access to new options of well-being.

We thank you from the deepest of our heart.


We are Creating a large network of alternative medicine practitioners & holistic healers worldwide to take part in the project and bring help to the world.

If you’re within those fields of work, and would like to be part of history with this project, please reach out to us.

Social Media

You would like to give PIXELS FOR HEALTH some reach through your social media ?

You have a reactive, engaged, and reasonably large following and you feel touched by the story, and how we can change the world together?

We’d love to discuss how this can take place.

Please know that all funds are dedicated to providing healing, but i’m sure the awareness and the impact can be a great mutual push.

Meanwhile join @pixelsForHealth on instagram and Facebook

thank you

you are changing the world with us