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ACCESSIBLE holistic healthcare for all


Poverty, social imbalance, distanciation and incurable diseases are the daily situations of a large portion of the worldwide population.

You may think this takes place only in lesser-developed countries, but the global Pandemic has shown us that It’s right here, in front of us, every day, every second.

Imagine a friend, a family member, a relative, or anyone else in the world being struck by one of these tragic situations. Their life becoming at stake.

For them, every single second becomes a question of life or death. Every decision is about them wanting to live a bit longer.

We at Pixels For Health believe that the body is capable of self-healing & providing health & wellbeing when triggered the right way.

We firmly believe receiving holistic or alternative treatments & therapy should not be a financial decision. Everyone has a right to choose between modern medicine & alternative medicine, based on what resonates and feels right for each individual.




At pixels for Health, we recognise that every single step taken towards being one with each other will create a ripple effect.

We trust that we can find healers, practitioners and therapists worldwide to provide some holistic and alternative healing to those in need.

Some having access to technology could even do it remotely, and for others, we wish to find a way to make it possible by having the largest network possible in the world. Yes, 192 countries, sounds big ? It’s not…


Based on our research, 65 percent of people in the world would like to get access to alternative healing.

Out of those 65%, a large percentage can’t get access to holistic or alternative medicine for financial reasons.

Our objective is to bridge the financial gap & give an equal access to healing, regardless of your financial means.

Holistic & alternative medicine are not a side plate, and it is our human right to gain access to it.


Holistic healing is vast. For us, holistic & alternative medicine is anything other than modern medicine based on the pharmaceutical industry.

Call it Energy healing, hypnotherapy, EFT, Ayurveda, shamanism, ice baths, breath-work, Chinese medicine, reflexology, , acupuncture, massages, juicing, fasting, naturopathy, aura cleansing, trauma releasing, reiki, prana, or any other method connected to healing. .

We want to build a data-driven research team, allowing those who don’t believe to have some data to believe in, all this, by bringing people back to wellbeing.


If you’re in need of our support, and you’re stuck with an issue, critical, and can’t afford holistic healthcare, you’re in the right place.

Once the project is up and running (meaning we’ve reached our target point), you will be able to gain access to our list of therapists, healers or practitioners and get in touch with them directly.

Each therapist is an independent practitioner who has decided to take part in our project, and therefore will be supported by the foundation, to allow them to provide you with free access to treatment.


We work with an extensive network of therapists and healers around the world, from all sources, locations and types of alternative practices.

we believe that we can put you in contact with a someone close to you, or accessible, in order for you to pursue your self-healing journey.

Should finances be an issue for you, this is where we come in, we don’t give money, we connect you with healers, and they provide their giving and healing energy to you, and you pursue your self-healing process, we deal with the financial part of their services with them directly.

This service is solely provided through the therapists and healers who are within our network.

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We are a privately funded corporation, 100% funded by personal, corporate and private financing from people who believe we can offer a new paradigm in holistic and alternative healthCare on a worldwide scale.

Based in Switzerland, we are a public utility corporation, meaning that we generate and use funds for the purpose of helping with issues that are of concern of a large part of the population.

Our fixed and internal committee is composed of 3 people, managing the organisation, the accounting and managing the relationships with both donors, researchers and healers or practitioners.

As a joke, someone once told me that if you think you need to be big to be noticed & create a change, remember that it takes a mosquito in a room to change the whole paradigm of the night you’re going to pass there.

Now, imagine the exponential strength positive energy and this project can bring to the world, , considering positive energy can flow faster than negative.

At Pixels for health, we value interconnections, creating added value in this world by considering that one Plus one equals three, four, or five… or even more.

We are a small, very mobile and very rapidly moving team, and wish to stay this way, in order to be reactive to change, situations, and offering a maximum of flexibility in a constantly changing environment.

Our aim is that the funds go to those who need them, this is why we are not attempting to grow as a very large team, just what is needed, and we believe this is a great number.

We took the decision to go another route than a Crowdfunding through the usual platforms such as kickstarter, Indiegogo because we want those 10% of funds to go to those in need. We understand that these platforms can help promote for sure, but what’s for the people needs to go to them and not for private companies commission when it comes to public health.

OUR TARGET IS AS HIGH AS THE level OF SUPPORT PEOPLE NEEd. meaning it’s massive & you’re part of it!





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